The person behind the smiles

Hold my hand, don't let go.

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Funny how people you know become people you just knew.. And look at them like “What happened?” 

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Tears started pouring down my face, not being able to hold it back. All the pain started coming back again, everything hitting me at once. I stood there, crying, as you once again walk out—me not being able to do anything about it yet again. What chance do I have? You already finished us off without even listening to my explanation—without even believing me. My knees feeling weak, I cant stop myself from crying as I slowly fall down on my knees—your words on repeat in my head It was a mistake. Im sorry. I cant control my tears, I cant feel myself. Im drowning in my own thoughts, in my own tears…again. 

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Do you ever get that feeling when you’re so upset and you feel like you’re about to breakdown and you’ve been doing your best to look okay and hold everything in place pretending that everything is freaking fine then this person comes to you asking you if you’re alright and you cant do anything but say you’re damn fine but you’re standing there breaking down in pieces saying you’re okay.

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Behind every scar is a story you might never understand. Behind every smile was a tear left dry from all the pain and sacrifices that you might never go through.

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Do you ever crave to be touched? Even in the most innocent way. I want someone to just hug me for a very long time or someone to lean against/ someone to lean on me. Maybe while sitting or laying next to someone just to have our legs, arms, or feet touching would be nice. I think that when you’re lonely for so long you constantly want to feel someone against you just as a constant reminder that you’re not alone.

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